3 landscaping books we recommend to all our clients

Landscaping is a broad area that requires continuous research. The only way to ensure that you are updated with the current trends in landscaping and have some knowledge in landscaping one should make a point of reading landscaping books. There are several books available on landscaping available both online and offline. Some of the books that you should make a point of reading include;

#1 Taylor’s Master Guide to Landscaping


Written by Rita Buchman it is one of the best books to teach yourself about landscaping.

The book can be used by both landscaping experts as well as beginners.

The best part about the book is that it gets into details by helping the reader know which flowers to choose for certain climatic conditions and what not to do when landscaping.

#2 The Living Landscape


As opposed to most books of the same genre, the book does not only provide information on flower and structure landscaping.

It provides further information on wildlife. The best part about the book is the level of detail. It tends to describe everything deeply allowing the reader to learn.

The main benefit of reading the book is that it teaches the reader on how to attract wildlife and helps them learn about native vegetation.

#3 Lawn Gone


Just like it has a unique name, the writer took a whole new approach when writing the landscaping book. The main difference being that it focuses on how to transform a standard landscape to a new design using structures and flowers.

This is a full DIY landscaping book since it focuses on methods that will help the reader save some money as he or she practices them.

This book is highly advisable for those that want to change the outlook of their landscape. You can get more books and information once you visit https://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/landscape-design.

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